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Minimalism: 15 Things I Got Rid Of…

Good day everyone!

As I said in my previous post, I am opting for a more simple and minimalist lifestyle.  So  I decided to share with you my journey in a new “series” of blog posts regarding minimalism. How I got started and what am I doing to achieve it. To start things off…

I started minimalism because I got tired of feeling so overwhelmed with everything and just wanted to live in a simpler space (a clear mind is a happy mind). Also every time I come home to a clean and clear space I feel more relaxed. Clutter equals stress to me. And I do not want more stress in my life. Starting minimalism wasn’t much of a challenge (to get rid of clothes) but it got harder as I got rid of more “sentimental” things. Although when I saw how happy I make others feel; it made me want to do it more. Giving new life to what I forgot. Read more to know the things I got rid of and do not regret…

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New Year’s Resolutions… Do You Still Have Them?

Hello everyone!

How time flies, 2017 has gone by in a blink of an eye and 2018 has started. Well, does anyone still have New Year’s Resolutions, the ones we make every year but rarely do we stick to it for so long. Personally, I am trying to make a change in my everyday life but I don’t see them as resolutions but as guides to how I picture my 2018 self.

There were a lot of things that happened last 2017 that I did not expect when the year started. There were choices that I didn’t plan and I just decided to go with the flow with each day. As 2018 rolled around, I decided to be a bit more organized and that things would be more planned, unlike last year. I started a bullet journal (last November 2017) and am still continuing it. I will be posting a Flip through video soon on my soon to be Kawaii Tigress Youtube Channel (I will keep you guys updated on that). I will share why this bullet journal is working for me and also my failed first attempt at a bullet journal. Each month is customized to what I know I need and what works for me.

I also am starting a minimalistic life; decluttering what I do not need and just keeping what I need, what I love and what makes me happy. 2017 has been filled with so much stress that I want to take control of my 2018. Live in the moment, to live each day and to live below my means. To avoid buying things I do not need and to avoid eating out. To eat healthier and live healthier. Sticking to a daily budget even if it can go a bit extreme (I will imitate my lifestyle during 2013-2014). I don’t spend much, just what is necessary. I would eat only what I need and not in excess. I rarely eat out or buy snacks from food stalls. I have a grocery list and a calculator, where I literally calculate each and every item so that it fits my budget or even below it. A simple life is a happy life; that is really what I come to realize last 2017. Stuff will not make me happy.

I also plan on getting rid of toxic people in my life, and learning to live in silence (which would be hard for me) because talking just adds to the toxicity and stress. There are a lot of things floating around in my mind and getting them on paper is a way to destress and seeing things from a different perspective. Our mind can make thing overwhelming when it doesn’t have to be.

So far, that is what I am thinking of as my resolutions for 2018. What’s yours?

Thank you for reading!

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What the Last Few Months of 2017 Has Taught Me

Good day!

Wow, the months went by faster than I expected. I guess a very busy schedule keeps you going and makes the days fly by. I decided to put August, September, October and November together in one post because since I still haven’t finished writing my drafts  for some of them and the year is almost ending; so might as well write them all at once. Warning: This post is very wordy.


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Text Art IOS Mobile App Review

Good day!

I am excited to review Text Art ; this mobile app was introduced to me and sponsored by one of my readers, I thank her a lot for letting me use this mobile app because it is currently one of my favorite photo editing mobile app. I really enjoy typography and this app is making it easier for my to let my inspiration free wherever I am easily. Although, it requires an internet connection for full use of this app, which is the a downside for me. In addition, this is only applicable for IOS users as it does not have a version for android. I used a Iphone 4S for this app and even with an older model phone it still works perfectly.

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Feast at SM Clark, Pampanga

Good day!

Here is a restaurant that we went to by the end of June; we tried this all-you-can-eat place for my brother’s birthday. It is located at SM City Clark, Pampanga and the restaurant is named; Chef Laudico’s Feast In this post I will also introduce a new kind of rating system I have made (I will make a separate post about this).


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What June Has Taught Me

Good day!

Woah, how time flies… half the year has already passed and still there is a lot more to be done. June has been really hectic and busy, I have been working day in and day out everyday. I have very little (even no time) to do my hobbies, work and school are taking up so much of my time. Which a reason why I haven’t been writing that much lately.

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What May Has Taught Me

Good day!

Come what May… as the saying goes; this might just be what sums up my month. Half the month has gone by and that is the motto I will now live by. I have come to realize a lot more things and I am very immature. At this point in life, people expect you to be mature… sorry to disappoint; I am not.

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Being Kawaii in the Province

Good day!

Being kawaii in the province is very difficult especially when they are not open to uniqueness. Filipinos generally prefer to be seen as sexy and gorgeous; rather than cute and innocent. They even coined up a term last 2015 to describe someone who is acting cute. The term is “Pabebe”; it is a Filipino term for someone who “acts childish or like a baby” as the origin of the name entails. “Pa” meaning “to act like” and “bebe” which is another term for baby.


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Picas – Free Art Photo Filter Mobile App by Picas Inc.

Good day!

There are a lot of photo editing apps out there but some would stand out from the crowd. Here we have Picas – Free Art Photo Filter (Google Play; IOS; Online) by Picas, Inc., a photography mobile app that lets you add a wide array of very creative and artistic filters to your photos.


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